D1043.1: WBGene00008361

Terminal Expression Pattern

D1043.1_PHA_E0270 D1043.1_PHA_E0269 D1043.1_NEU_E0273 D1043.1_NEU_E0274 D1043.1_HYP_E0271 D1043.1_HYP_E0272

Gene Function

Gene D1043.1 is required to establish AB fate in AB cell.
Gene D1043.1 is required to establish EMS fate in EMS cell.
Gene D1043.1 is required to establish C fate in C cell.

Gene Interactions

AB AB-executionF53B7.3 strong
AB AB-executioncpsf-2 strong
AB AB-executiontaf-12 strong
C C-executionF53B7.3 strong
C C-executioncpsf-2 strong
C C-executiontaf-12 strong
EMS EMS-executionF53B7.3 strong
EMS EMS-executioncpsf-2 strong
EMS EMS-executiondic-1 strong
EMS EMS-executiontaf-12 strong
AB AB-executionY110A7A.8 weak
AB AB-executionclpf-1 weak
AB AB-executionnpp-6 weak
AB AB-executiontag-214 weak
C C-executionY110A7A.8 weak
C C-executionclpf-1 weak
C C-executionmbk-2 weak
C C-executiontaf-5 weak
C C-executiontag-214 weak
EMS EMS-executionY110A7A.8 weak
EMS EMS-executioncir-1 weak
EMS EMS-executionclpf-1 weak
EMS EMS-executionnpp-6 weak
EMS EMS-executiontaf-5 weak

Individual Embryo Data