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Contributors and Contact:

The Digital Development database website was designed and programmed by members of the Bao lab including Anthony Santella, Zhuo Du and Ismar Kovacevich. The database was integrated with WORMATLAS by David Hall and Laura Herndon.

For questions, bug reports etc. contact: Anthony Santella, santella (at) mskcc.org.

The Bao Lab:

The Bao Lab at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center is interested in developmental systems biology. In particular, we use C. elegans embryogenesis as a model to develop technologies for live imaging, automated cell tracking, and systematic single-cell analysis. We use these techniques to understand how complex tissues arise from networks of interacting genes and cells. From our efforts we have produced Starrynite, one of the leading software packages for automated cell tracking in 3D tissues. Besides the worm, Starrynite shows comparable accuracy, speed and robustness in other model organisms such as Drosophila, zebrafish and mouse.

Alumni site: Zhuo Du


Starrynite: automated cell tracking and lineaging
: image browsing and lineage editing
Devscape: systematic single-cell phenotyping


Quantitative Phenotypic Analysis of Embryogenesis at Single-Cell Resolution:
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Imaging and Image Analysis Algorithms:
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