pos-1: WBGene00004078

Terminal Expression Pattern

pos-1_pha_e0871 pos-1_pha_e0872 pos-1_neu_e0876 pos-1_hyp_e0874 pos-1_hyp_e0875 pos-1_hyp_e0873

Gene Function

Gene pos-1 is required to establish ABalp fate in ABalp cell.
Gene pos-1 is required to establish EMS fate in EMS cell.
Gene pos-1 is required to establish C fate in C cell.
Gene pos-1 represses ABal fate in ABar cell.
Gene pos-1 represses ABa fate in ABp cell.

Gene Interactions

C C-executioncul-3 strong
EMS EMS-executioncul-3 strong
ABp ABp-->ABaglp-1 weak
ABp ABp-->ABalag-1 weak
ABp ABp-->ABasel-8 weak
C C-executionF44B9.8 weak
C C-executionatx-2 weak
C C-executionego-1 weak
C C-executionpuf-3 weak
C C-executiontat-5 weak
EMS EMS-executionego-1 weak
EMS EMS-executionnpp-6 weak
EMS EMS-executiontat-5 weak

Individual Embryo Data