oma-1: WBGene00003864

Terminal Expression Pattern

oma-1_pha_e0787 oma-1_pha_e0788 oma-1_neu_e0793 oma-1_neu_e0792 oma-1_neu_e0791 oma-1_hyp_e0790 oma-1_hyp_e0789

Gene Function

Gene oma-1 is required to establish ABplp fate in ABplp cell.
Gene oma-1 is required to establish ABprp fate in ABprp cell.
Gene oma-1 is required to establish C fate in C cell.
Gene oma-1 represses ABarp fate in ABalp cell.
Gene oma-1 represses ABal fate in ABar cell.
Gene oma-1 represses ABpla fate in ABpra cell.
Gene oma-1 represses C fate in EMS cell.

Gene Interactions

ABplp ABplp-executionran-4 strong
ABpra ABpra-->ABplaran-4 strong
ABpra ABpra-->ABplaskn-1 strong
ABprp ABprp-executionran-4 strong
EMS EMS-->Cskn-1 strong
ABplp ABplp-executiongsk-3 weak
ABpra ABpra-->ABplacul-3 weak
ABpra ABpra-->ABplalet-502 weak
ABpra ABpra-->ABplalin-23 weak
ABpra ABpra-->ABplatag-256 weak
ABprp ABprp-executionlet-502 weak
C C-executioncul-3 weak