pie-1: WBGene00004027

Terminal Expression Pattern

pie-1_pha_e0853 pie-1_pha_e0854 pie-1_neu_e0858 pie-1_neu_e0857 pie-1_hyp_e0856 pie-1_hyp_e0855

Gene Function

Gene pie-1 is required to establish ABara fate in ABara cell.
Gene pie-1 is required to establish MS fate in MS cell.
Gene pie-1 represses ABa fate in ABp cell.
Gene pie-1 represses EMS fate in P2 cell.

Gene Interactions

P2 P2-->EMSpar-2 strong
P2 P2-->EMSpar-6 strong
P2 P2-->EMSpkc-3 strong

Individual Embryo Data