taf-5: WBGene00006386

Terminal Expression Pattern

taf-5_pha_e1201 taf-5_pha_e1202 taf-5_neu_e1206 taf-5_neu_e1205 taf-5_hyp_e1203 taf-5_hyp_e1204

Gene Function

Gene taf-5 is required to establish ABp fate in ABp cell.
Gene taf-5 is required to establish ABar fate in ABar cell.
Gene taf-5 is required to establish ABalp fate in ABalp cell.
Gene taf-5 is required to establish EMS fate in EMS cell.
Gene taf-5 is required to establish C fate in C cell.

Gene Interactions

ABalp ABalp-executioncdk-9 strong
ABalp ABalp-executionpar-5 strong
ABar ABar-executioncdk-9 strong
ABar ABar-executionpar-5 strong
ABp ABp-executionF43G9.12 strong
ABp ABp-executioncdk-9 strong
ABp ABp-executionpar-5 strong
C C-executionF53B7.3 strong
C C-executionT13H5.5 strong
C C-executionY110A7A.8 strong
C C-executioncpsf-2 strong
C C-executiontaf-12 strong
EMS EMS-executionF43G9.12 strong
EMS EMS-executionF53B7.3 strong
EMS EMS-executionY110A7A.8 strong
EMS EMS-executioncpsf-2 strong
EMS EMS-executiontaf-12 strong
ABalp ABalp-executionC06A5.1 weak
ABalp ABalp-executionK04G2.8 weak
ABalp ABalp-executionmdt-19 weak
ABalp ABalp-executionmdt-6 weak
ABar ABar-executionC06A5.1 weak
ABar ABar-executionK04G2.8 weak
ABp ABp-executionC02B10.5 weak
C C-executionD1043.1 weak
C C-executionM03C11.7 weak
C C-executioncpsf-4 weak
C C-executionimb-2 weak
C C-executionmbk-2 weak
C C-executiontag-214 weak
C C-executiontbx-33 weak
EMS EMS-executionC06A5.1 weak
EMS EMS-executionD1043.1 weak
EMS EMS-executionM03C11.7 weak
EMS EMS-executioncpsf-4 weak
EMS EMS-executionhim-10 weak
EMS EMS-executionnpp-2 weak
EMS EMS-executionrgr-1 weak

Individual Embryo Data