rfc-3: WBGene00004339

Terminal Expression Pattern

rfc-3_pha_e0978 rfc-3_pha_e0979 rfc-3_neu_e0982 rfc-3_neu_e0984 rfc-3_neu_e0983 rfc-3_hyp_e0980 rfc-3_hyp_e0981

Gene Function

Gene rfc-3 is required to establish MS fate in MS cell.
Gene rfc-3 is required to establish C fate in C cell.
Gene rfc-3 represses ABp fate in AB cell.

Gene Interactions

C C-executionD2096.8 strong
C C-executionF44B9.8 strong
C C-executiondrh-3 strong
C C-executionego-1 strong
MS MS-executiondrh-3 strong
MS MS-executiongad-1 strong
MS MS-executionmex-3 strong
MS MS-executionspn-4 strong
MS MS-executionsuf-1 strong
AB AB-->ABpcdc-25.1 weak
AB AB-->ABpdiv-1 weak
C C-executionM03C11.7 weak
C C-executioncdk-7 weak
C C-executionhis-9 weak
C C-executionrev-1 weak
C C-executionxpo-1 weak
MS MS-executionhis-9 weak
MS MS-executionmei-1 weak
MS MS-executionxpo-1 weak