mdt-6: WBGene00003164

Terminal Expression Pattern

mdt-6_pha_e0681 mdt-6_pha_e0682 mdt-6_neu_e0686 mdt-6_neu_e0685 mdt-6_hyp_e0683 mdt-6_hyp_e0684

Gene Function

Gene mdt-6 is required to establish ABpr fate in ABpr cell.
Gene mdt-6 is required to establish ABalp fate in ABalp cell.
Gene mdt-6 is required to establish ABara fate in ABara cell.
Gene mdt-6 is required to establish ABplp fate in ABplp cell.
Gene mdt-6 is required to establish E fate in E cell.

Gene Interactions

ABalp ABalp-executionC06A5.1 strong
ABalp ABalp-executionD2096.8 strong
ABalp ABalp-executioncpl-1 strong
ABalp ABalp-executionmdt-19 strong
ABalp ABalp-executionmei-1 strong
ABalp ABalp-executionspt-5 strong
ABara ABara-executionC02B10.5 strong
ABara ABara-executionD2096.8 strong
ABara ABara-executionchk-1 strong
ABara ABara-executionspt-5 strong
ABplp ABplp-executionC06A5.1 strong
ABplp ABplp-executionD2096.8 strong
ABplp ABplp-executiongad-1 strong
ABplp ABplp-executionrgr-1 strong
ABplp ABplp-executionspn-4 strong
ABpr ABpr-executionrgr-1 strong
E E-executionC55A6.9 strong
ABalp ABalp-executionF31C3.5 weak
ABalp ABalp-executionT22F3.3 weak
ABalp ABalp-executionsuf-1 weak
ABalp ABalp-executionsyn-13 weak
ABalp ABalp-executiontaf-5 weak
ABara ABara-executionF31C3.5 weak
ABara ABara-executionsrc-1 weak
ABara ABara-executionsuf-1 weak
ABara ABara-executionsyn-13 weak
ABplp ABplp-executionT04A8.7 weak
ABplp ABplp-executiondic-1 weak
ABplp ABplp-executiondrh-3 weak
ABplp ABplp-executionran-4 weak
ABplp ABplp-executionsrc-1 weak
ABplp ABplp-executionsuf-1 weak
ABpr ABpr-executiondrh-3 weak

Individual Embryo Data