gad-1: WBGene00001513

Terminal Expression Pattern

gad-1_pha_e0466 gad-1_pha_e0465 gad-1_pha_e0467 gad-1_neu_e0471 gad-1_neu_e0472 gad-1_neu_e0473 gad-1_neu_e0470 gad-1_hyp_e0469 gad-1_hyp_e0468

Gene Function

Gene gad-1 is required to establish ABal fate in ABal cell.
Gene gad-1 is required to establish ABara fate in ABara cell.
Gene gad-1 is required to establish ABplp fate in ABplp cell.
Gene gad-1 is required to establish ABprp fate in ABprp cell.
Gene gad-1 is required to establish MS fate in MS cell.

Gene Interactions

ABal ABal-executionpcn-1 strong
ABplp ABplp-executionC06A5.1 strong
ABplp ABplp-executionD2096.8 strong
ABplp ABplp-executionmdt-6 strong
ABplp ABplp-executionsrc-1 strong
ABplp ABplp-executionsuf-1 strong
ABplp ABplp-executionvps-32.1 strong
ABprp ABprp-executionC06A5.1 strong
ABprp ABprp-executionD2096.8 strong
ABprp ABprp-executionmei-1 strong
ABprp ABprp-executionsrc-1 strong
ABprp ABprp-executionsuf-1 strong
MS MS-executionmei-1 strong
MS MS-executionrfc-3 strong
MS MS-executionsrc-1 strong
MS MS-executionsuf-1 strong
ABal ABal-executionF43G9.12 weak
ABal ABal-executioncpsf-4 weak
ABal ABal-executionrev-1 weak
ABplp ABplp-executiondic-1 weak
ABplp ABplp-executionrev-1 weak
ABplp ABplp-executionrgr-1 weak
ABprp ABprp-executionchk-1 weak
ABprp ABprp-executioncpl-1 weak
ABprp ABprp-executiondic-1 weak
ABprp ABprp-executionrnp-4 weak
MS MS-executionimb-2 weak
MS MS-executionrnf-113 weak
MS MS-executiontag-214 weak
MS MS-executionubc-9 weak