emb-5: WBGene00001259

Terminal Expression Pattern

emb-5_pha_e0378 emb-5_pha_e0377 emb-5_neu_e0381 emb-5_neu_e0382 emb-5_hyp_e0379 emb-5_hyp_e0380

Gene Function

Gene emb-5 is required to establish E fate in E cell.
Gene emb-5 is required to establish C fate in C cell.

Gene Interactions

C C-executionklp-15 strong
C C-executionrba-1 strong
C C-executioncpsf-4 weak
C C-executionhda-1 weak
C C-executionpcn-1 weak
E E-executionpcn-1 weak

Individual Embryo Data