chc-1: WBGene00011867

Terminal Expression Pattern

chc-1_pha_e0180 chc-1_pha_e0181 chc-1_neu_e0185 chc-1_neu_e0184 chc-1_hyp_e0183 chc-1_hyp_e0182

Gene Function

Gene chc-1 is required to establish ABara fate in ABara cell.
Gene chc-1 is required to establish ABprp fate in ABprp cell.

Gene Interactions

ABara ABara-executionchk-1 strong
ABara ABara-executionpcn-1 strong
ABara ABara-executionsrc-1 strong
ABara ABara-executionsys-1 strong
ABara ABara-executionvps-4 strong
ABprp ABprp-executionchk-1 strong
ABprp ABprp-executionsrc-1 strong
ABprp ABprp-executionvps-4 strong
ABara ABara-executionrnp-4 weak
ABprp ABprp-executionrnp-4 weak

Individual Embryo Data