F31C3.5: WBGene00009287

Terminal Expression Pattern

F31C3.5_PHA_E0415 F31C3.5_PHA_E0416 F31C3.5_NEU_E0420 F31C3.5_NEU_E0421 F31C3.5_HYP_E0419 F31C3.5_HYP_E0417 F31C3.5_HYP_E0418

Gene Function

Gene F31C3.5 is required to establish ABp fate in ABp cell.
Gene F31C3.5 is required to establish ABalp fate in ABalp cell.
Gene F31C3.5 is required to establish ABara fate in ABara cell.

Gene Interactions

ABalp ABalp-executionK04G2.8 strong
ABalp ABalp-executionmdt-19 strong
ABalp ABalp-executionsys-1 strong
ABalp ABalp-executionvps-4 strong
ABara ABara-executionC02B10.5 strong
ABara ABara-executionchk-1 strong
ABara ABara-executionsys-1 strong
ABara ABara-executionvps-4 strong
ABp ABp-executionC02B10.5 strong
ABalp ABalp-executioncdk-9 weak
ABalp ABalp-executionhel-1 weak
ABalp ABalp-executionmdt-6 weak
ABalp ABalp-executionmom-5 weak
ABara ABara-executionetr-1 weak
ABara ABara-executionmdt-6 weak
ABara ABara-executionpcn-1 weak
ABara ABara-executionsrc-1 weak
ABp ABp-executioncdk-9 weak
ABp ABp-executionhel-1 weak
ABp ABp-executionpcn-1 weak

Individual Embryo Data