C02B10.5: WBGene00015330

Terminal Expression Pattern

C02B10.5_PHA_E0063 C02B10.5_PHA_E0065 C02B10.5_PHA_E0064 C02B10.5_NEU_E0068 C02B10.5_NEU_E0069 C02B10.5_HYP_E0067 C02B10.5_HYP_E0066

Gene Function

Gene C02B10.5 is required to establish ABp fate in ABp cell.
Gene C02B10.5 is required to establish ABara fate in ABara cell.

Gene Interactions

ABara ABara-executionF31C3.5 strong
ABara ABara-executionchk-1 strong
ABara ABara-executionmdt-6 strong
ABara ABara-executionsrc-1 strong
ABp ABp-executionF31C3.5 strong
ABara ABara-executionspt-5 weak
ABara ABara-executionvps-4 weak
ABp ABp-executionF43G9.12 weak
ABp ABp-executiontaf-5 weak

Individual Embryo Data